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Features are: Private chat, add/remove buddy, public chat rooms, Private Rooms, and Daily Tournaments.

Two of the games, Hokm and Shelem, are 4 Player games. The other two pasur and Pasur Ru Baaz, are two player games. These are the most popular card games in Iran. Hokm is very similar to Whist. The players are divided in two teams of two players each. Four cards are dealt, the person with the highest card, is chosen as the Hakem. The term literally means "The rule maker" or the "lawgiver." Once the Hakem is chosen, 5 cards are dealt to him. Based on these 5 cards, he chooses a trump from one of the 4 suits.

After Hakem has chosen the trump (also called Hokm hence the name of the game), 5 cards are dealt to each of the other players. Then 4 cards are dealt to all players and last 4 other cards are dealt to the players. At the end, each player should have 13 cards each in their hand (52/4=13) Thank you once again for visiting play be merry and have fun!

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29/08/2014: Card game related amusements.

Alas, there are no tournaments scheduled at the moment. Check back soon!

Welcome to, the premier portal for Iranian card games such as Hokm, Shelem, pasur, and Pasur Ru Baaz. This is the first Persian / Iranian portal where you can socialize, make friends and who knows maybe even fall in love! all for FREE!

In this site, you can play popular Persian card games against other players from around the world while socializing and chatting in a safe environment. games can be played either on site or from Facebook. Players can register for FREE from all over the world and enjoy our chat rooms and card rooms. Currently we are running 4 games from this site with plans to expand.